Podcast: Intel Select Solutions for HPC

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Brock Taylor is Director of HPC Solutions Engineering at Intel.

In this Conversations in the Cloud podcast, Brock Taylor from Intel outlines the current portfolio of Intel Select Solutions for HPC: Simulation & Modeling, Simulation & Visualization, Genomic Analytics and HPC & AI Converged Clusters.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is crucial for research, academia and increasingly for enterprises. But customers were struggling to keep homegrown ecosystems validated and components tied together. That challenge prompted the development of Intel Select Solutions for HPC. These solutions offer quick-to-deploy infrastructure optimized for analytics clusters and HPC applications. Pre-validation reduces complexity and helps make HPC more accessible and easier to maintain.

Quick adoption of the HPC portfolio continues to impress. Partners appreciate working with Intel to define all key hardware, software, and integration requirements. But there is still room for vendor differentiation to add their own value on top of the Intel requirements. The new HPC & AI Converged Clusters solution stemmed from the rapid rise of AI and allow for both workload types to run on the same architecture.

Brock Taylor is a manager and an HPC solutions architect. He directs activities and projects aimed at technical and high performance computing, and connects engineering, marketing, and business development efforts.

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