Podcast: Reinventing the Memory-Storage Paradigm

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Frank Hady is a fellow and Director of Storage Technology Group at Intel.

In this Chip Chat podcast, Intel fellow Frank Hady explores the relationship of memory and storage to compute, and outlines how Intel is helping accelerate performance throughout information ecosystems and re-invent the memory storage paradigm in systems.

For decades computer scientists have recognized the need for memory to keep up with compute. Beginning in the 1940s engineers have had to balance how systems process information with how they store and access it. Since its introduction, 3Dx Point memory, the basis for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, has helped mitigate one of the biggest bottlenecks to performance.

With breakthrough performance levels in memory intensive workloads, virtual machine density, and fast storage capacity Intel Optane DC persistent memory—combined 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors—accelerates IT transformation to support the demands of the data era, with faster-than-ever-before analytics, cloud services, and next-generation communication services.

Frank Hady is a fellow and Director of Storage Technology Group, Intel. With a combination of deep technical understanding and strong management skills, Frank effectively leads technology teams to invent and deliver. As Director of the Storage Technology Group he directs research and architecture for Intel’s SSD and Optane Memory businesses within NSG (NVM Solutions group). Frank served as Chief Architect for Optane products from their inception. In addition to key contributions to Intel’s storage, networking, and chipset business, Frank has delivered numerous industry presentations, published more than 30 research papers and 30+ patents. He’s proud of the contribution he has made to the careers of those around him.

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