Video: HAWK Supercomputer Installation at HLRS

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In this video, technicians install the new Hawk supercomputer at HLRS in Stuttgart, Germany.

Hawk is the flagship supercomputer of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS). At time of installation, it among the fastest high-performance computers in the world and the fastest general-purpose machine for industrial production in Europe. Designed with the needs of HLRS’s users in mind, Hawk is an HPE Apollo 9000 system optimized for engineering simulation applications. In concert with our other platforms for high-performance data analytics and artificial intelligence, Hawk enables HLRS to support new kinds of workflows that combine data generation, simulation, big data analysis, deep learning, and other data science methods.

With a peak performance that is 3.5 times faster than HLRS’s previous flagship computing system — Hazel Hen — Hawk will open up completely new academic and industrial application areas and empower scientists and engineers to conduct research on ever larger and more complex phenomena.

Among Hawk’s future application areas are, for example, gaining new understanding for optimizing energy efficiency in wind turbines, optimizing motors and power plants, or improving aerodynamic performance in aircraft and automobile engineering. Hawk could, for example, for the first time make it possible to create a detailed simulation of noise generation for an entire airplane, or calculate the complex interactions between global and regional climate models to enable mid-term predictions of climate change. More comprehensive and more complex simulations related to pandemic research, the prediction of migration flows, and other global challenges will also become possible with Hawk.

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