Video: Next Generation AMD CPU and Accelerator Technologies

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Brad McCredie from AMD

In this video from the Rice Oil & Gas Conference, Bradley McCredie from AMD presents: Scaling TCO in a Post Moore’s Law Era.

While foundries bravely drive forward to overcome the technical and economic challenges posed by scaling to 5nm and beyond, Moore’s law alone can provide only a fraction of the performance / watt and performance / dollar gains needed to satisfy the demands of today’s high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications. To close the gap, multiple strategies are required. First, new levels of innovation and design efficiency will supplement technology gains to continue to deliver meaningful improvements in SoC performance. Second, heterogenous compute architectures will create x-factor increases of performance efficiency for the most critical applications. Finally, open software frameworks, APIs, and toolsets will enable broad ecosystems of application level innovation.

Bradley McCredie is Corporate VP for GPU Platforms at AMD.

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  1. Why bring back last year’s AMD presentation at OGC now?