Video: NVIDIA to Accelerate the HPC-AI Convergence

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Gunter Roeth from NVIDIA

In this video from ML4HPC 2020, Gunter Roeth presents: NVIDIA to accelerate the HPC-AI convergence.

NVIDIA has early identified the promising HPC – AI convergence trend and has been working on enabling it. The growing adoption of NVIDIA Volta GPU by the Top 500 Supercomputers highlights the need of computing acceleration for this HPC & AI convergence. Many projects today demonstrate the benefit of AI for HPC, in terms of accuracy and time to solution, in many domains such as Computational Mechanics (Computational Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics…), Earth Sciences (Climate, Weather and Ocean Modeling), Life Sciences (Genomics, Proteomics…), Computational Chemistry (Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics…), Computational Physics. NVIDIA today for instance, uses Physics Informed Neural Networks for the heat sink design in our DGX system.

Gunter Roeth joined NVIDIA as a Solution Architect in October 2014 having previously worked at Cray, HP, Sun Microsystems and most recently BULL. He has a Master in geophysics from the Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) in Paris and has completed a PhD in seismology on the use of neural networks (artificial intelligence) for interpreting geophysical data.

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