Video: OSS Showcases AI on Fly at GTC Digital

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In this video, Jaan Mannik from One Stop Systems gives a tour of the company’s virtual booth at GTC Digital.

Watch the video to learn about the product we were going to show at GTC 2020 and to learn about how to enter to win an RTX4000 GPU!

One Stop Systems (OSS) is the leader in specialized high-performance computers for vertical markets requiring the fastest processing and storage on the planet. These technology-hungry applications include AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, seismic exploration, financial modeling, media and entertainment, security and defense. While many of these applications can run on a single HPC server, the highest end applications require a rack-scale deployment of HPC servers.

OSS maintains a first mover market focus with many board-level solutions in the world’s fastest emerging interconnect technologies such as PCI Express (PCIe), NVLink, Infiniband and next generation Ethernet. OSS is the largest provider of PCIe adapters and expansion components world-wide. OSS utilizes these high speed adapters and board level solutions to produce ground breaking, large scale, modular compute accelerators, flash storage arrays and specialty servers that push the traditional system limits beyond the household server OEM. We also partner with other leaders in HPC technologies such as Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, Xilinx FPGAs and HGST NVMe solid-state flash products to provide our customers with a true “One Stop” HPC system


3U CA16000 Compute Accelerator. The CA16010 Compute Accelerator with sixteen NVIDIA V100S GPU accelerators is employed in a variety of HPC applications including oil and gas exploration and financial services. The CA16010 adds 81,920 NVIDIA CUDA cores, 10,240 NVIDIA Tensor cores 262.4 TFlops of single-precision performance to one or more servers. Completely integrated with the GPUs most suited for a specific application, it’s easy installation and tested reliability makes it superior to alternative products. The CA16010 occupies only 3U of rack space and connects directly to one or four host server(s) through the latest technology PCIe x16 Gen3 connections. Four removable canisters house up to four full-height, full-length, PCIe x16 double-wide GPUs and one half-length, half-height IO card each. The system is powered by three 3000-watt redundant power supplies and includes an IPMI-based system monitor.

Gen 4 4UV 10-Slot GPU Accelerator System. Featuring PCIe GEN4, this 10 slot rackmount expansion platform provides GPU expansion at a value price.

DS-Pro Data Science Workstation. The fully configurable DS Pro combines the power of two NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs with NVLink and accelerated CUDA-X AI data science software to deliver a new breed of fully integrated workstations for data science. Data is fundamentally changing the way companies do business, driving demand for data scientists and increasing the complexity in their workflows. Workstations are the crucible where VR and AI models take shape for the next generation applications. Get the performance you need to transform massive amounts of data into insights and create amazing customer experiences with OSS NVIDIA-powered workstations for data science

SCA8000 for use with Marvell ThunderX2 Arm based servers. The SCA8000 is a 3U SXM2 Compute Accelerator packs eight powerful NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 GPUs connected via NVIDIA NVLink. With up to four PCI-SIG PCIe Cable 3.0 compliant links to the host server up to 100m away, the SCA8000 supports a flexible upgrade path for new and existing datacenters with the power of NVLink without upgrading server infrastructure. With advanced, independent IPMI system monitoring and full featured SNMP interface not available in any other GPU accelerator with NVLink, the SCA8000 fits seamlessly into any size datacenter.

Bressner brand Puma 6020 GPU computing system with LGA 1151 for Intel CPUs.


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