Agile HPC with VMware Cloud Foundation & UberCloud

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In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Thomas Francis from the UberCloud and Mohan Potheri from VMware present: On-Demand HPC/AI with UberCloud and VMware.

HPC Cloud solution providers like UberCloud can combine powerful virtualized HPC hardware with superior management capabilities to help IT dynamically provision and manage HPC clusters, deploy simulation software applications, monitor spend, and give them complete control. In this solution we combine the capabilities of the VMware platform, with the solution provided by UberCloud which leverages the automation capabilities of Terraform with the unique packaging and distributing capabilities of docker-based HPC containers to dynamically deploy HPC applications on the vSphere platform. By sandboxing applications in containers, applications become portable, and the same application can be deployed to different VMs without requiring creating multiple variations of VM images for every application. It speeds up development and testing, yielding significant acceleration to the change management process. As a proof of concept, we applied our container-based self- service environment to “Deep Learning for Fluid Flow Prediction in the HPC Cloud“.

Thomas Francis from the UberCloud

Thomas Francis is head of products at UberCloud where he works with engineering to set the product direction for the company. Thomas also works closely with customers to enable them to take advantage of High Performance Computing in the cloud. Thomas has broad industry experience in HPC, enterprise software and cloud. Prior to UberCloud Thomas has held leadership roles in various technology companies in the bay area.

Mohan Potheri from VMware

Mohan Potheri has more than 20 years in IT infrastructure, with in depth experience on VMWARE virtualization. He currently focuses on evangelization of High Performance Computing and enabling partner solutions in the VMware Solutions lab. He has extensive experience with workloads on legacy platforms and Kubernetes. Currently focusing on machine learning workloads on Kubernetes with GPU requirements. Prior to VMWARE, Mohan worked at many large enterprises where he has engineered fully virtualized business critical applications. He has planned, designed, implemented and managed robust highly available, DR compliant Business Critical Application environments in UNIX and x86 environments.

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