Taps FPGAs for Message Intelligence

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Today announced Message Intelligence, an out-of-the-box solution that filters, classifies, and routes streams of messages in real time at a massive scale. The product accomplishes this by understanding the semantic content—the meaning and intent of the messages – at massive scale in real time.

Real-time services are exploding and managing the deluge of enterprise email and digital communications is an important productivity challenge to solve,” said Adam Scraba, director of marketing, Data Center Group at Xilinx. “ leveraging the real-time computing capability of Alveo accelerators in their appliance is an exciting solution for the enterprise.”

With Message Intelligence, large organizations can improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction while reducing the costs of manually processing vast amounts of incoming messages. Email or social media inquiries are classified and processed in real time based on the specific requirements of the organization. Message Intelligence can also be used to analyze messages with respect to risk and compliance regulations., a leader in AI-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU), is tackling this daunting challenge with the release of Message Intelligence, a powerful solution for processing and routing messages in real time.

According to benchmarks using the well-known Enron email dataset, the product registers between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than BERT, the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technique developed by Google while achieving the same level of accuracy.

Combining the proven Semantic Folding method with FPGA-powered acceleration from Xilinx, Message Intelligence is a purpose-built appliance, easily installed and configured. It provides human-level accuracy in filtering and classifying messages, enabling businesses to more quickly process and respond to messages of any kind and also mitigate legal risks. Users can create custom semantic classifiers and filters with minimal effort. solutions are based on neuroscience and can be quickly trained without supervision in the specialized vocabulary of any business domain and can function across multiple languages.

We are starting with the most crucial means of enterprise communications, email. But ultimately our solution can be applied to a broad range of messages, including instant messages, tweets and blog posts,” said COO Thomas Reinemer. “Organizations can start by applying it to more efficiently deal with emails, but the value in this technology extends to streamlining and automating business processes, increasing efficiency, responsiveness and productivity in all areas of the organization – thereby reducing costs, improving bottom lines and, most importantly, improving customer satisfaction.”

Collaboration with Xilinx, Supermicro and Boston Limited

Message Intelligence is available as a pre-packaged appliance delivered in partnership with Xilinx, Inc., the inventor of the FPGA, Supermicro (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology and Boston Limited, which provides cutting-edge technology since 1992 using Supermicro building blocks. The appliance includes a 1U Supermicro rackmount with a 64 core AMD processor and a Xilinx Alveo Data Center accelerator card. It comes with pre-built filters and classifiers and will allow administrators to create custom filters and classifiers. It also provides a dashboard to monitor the performance of the appliance. Annual subscription pricing is $75,000, available for $48,000 as a special introductory offer.

Supermicro is excited to partner with industry leaders on the expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications into all aspects of business and everyday life,” said Don Clegg, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales, Supermicro. “The Message Intelligence product, coupled with Supermicro’s proven storage and server hardware, gives enterprise customers a tested and proven solution ready for rapid deployment.”

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