Job of the Week: Scientific Data Application Developer at CGSA in Milwaukee

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The Center for Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics (CGCA) at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee is seeking a Scientific Data Application Developer in our Job of the Week.

CGCA is looking for creative, energetic and talented individuals to join our scientific computing team. You will work with an existing team to build and support software for cutting edge astronomy and astrophysics projects. We are recruiting scientists to work with LIGO and/or SCIMMA. LIGO is the ambitious project, funded by the National Science Foundation, that detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes in 2015. The Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery in 2017. SCiMMA is an exciting new project to build scalable cyberinfrastructure for multi-messenger astrophysics, an emerging field that combines gravitational-wave, neutrino and electromagnetic astronomy.

Successful candidates will be part of a large and diverse team in the CGCA that works on a wide variety of computing infrastructure for astronomical and astrophysics problems. Team members interact daily with the physicists, astrophysicists and astronomers in the CGCA and at partner institutions. The CGCA at UW-Milwaukee also offers an exciting and friendly environment in which to work and play. With almost forty faculty, staff, postdocs, and students, the Center is a fun and vibrant place to work.

In the LIGO position, you will develop systems that record potential gravitational wave observations and push notifications to interested astronomers; you will participate in the appropriate LIGO scientific, technical and management forums and report on progress; you will keep current on big data trends to identify new technologies that can be effectively leveraged for LIGO data handling and analysis.

In the SCiMMA position, you will develop identity and access management systems in collaboration with experienced IAM architects; you will help integrate authentication and authorization systems into SCIMMA tools and infrastructure; you will participate in SCIMMA technical and management forums and report on progress. All CGCA employees take ownership of their projects and are responsible for the definition, architecture, and implementation of applications which enhance the scientific productivity of its users.

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