Video: PHIDIAS project creates HPC data-powered services for earth science data

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This week the EU launched a new portal for PHIDIAS, a Horizon 2020 project for creating sustainable HPC data-powered services for the earth, atmospheric and marine data towards researchers, industry and public sectors.

With HPC’s extensive ongoing research and innovation initiatives across Europe, there is a strong need for coordination activities which enhance synergies between HPC projects and other major data repositories in implementing interoperable services for discovering, accessing and processing data. The ongoing upgrades to PHIDIAS are addressing these requirements with increasing effectiveness as the site develops.

The PHIDIAS project addresses the development and concrete realization of a set of HPCbased interdisciplinary services and tools to exploit large satellite datasets of public European interest provided by:

  • Satellite observation of Earth
  • FAIR access to processed datasets
  • Value-added services through large data storage capability and high-bandwidth network across Europe

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many features to help users to quickly and easily navigate the site and find HPC and use-case-related information, articles, blogs, events and training activities. This also allows users to discover and access data, but also relevant open source software, public application programming interfaces (APIs) and interactive processing services.

The website not only has a beautiful design and modern architecture, but it also allows users to get in touch with the PHIDIAS consortium and to consult PHIDIAS public deliverables and scientific insights. In addition, users who register on the platform will receive regular information updates from projects within their pre-defined categories of major interest.

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