Adaptive Computing frees up Cloud HPC for researchers fighting COVID-19

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Adaptive Computing is now making HPC access available for anyone working on COVID-19 related projects. Adaptive’s NODUS Cloud OS solution makes it simple to scale computing resources to your workloads and run compute intensive models and simulations from remote locations. Adaptive Computing is providing temporary software licenses to researchers and scientists who are currently working from home during the coronavirus pandemic on any project related to COVID-19.

We want engineers and researchers to understand that NODUS Cloud OS enables smooth transitioning of workloads to HPC resources in the cloud without requiring additional software tools or cloud knowledge,” said Art Allen, CEO, Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

NODUS Cloud OS can run on a laptop, providing non-technical users fast access to the compute resources they need regardless of where they are working or located. In a matter of hours, you can leverage high-performance computing from home. Streamlined integration with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and OTC is preconfigured and built into the NODUS Cloud OS interface. Most of the cloud service providers are currently offering free compute time for COVID-19 related research projects as well.



• Can run from your Laptop
• Takes away the hassle of navigating through the cloud service provider portals
• Does not require additional software tools or cloud knowledge

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