Infinidat De-risks Storage Infrastructure with New Offerings and Support for NVMe over Fabrics

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Infinidat, a leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, announced new offerings that reduce storage infrastructure costs, mitigate the risks of technology failures and deficits, and add an extensible NVMe over Fabrics option. These offerings and functional enhancements will provide new and existing customers more flexibility in managing their high-end storage infrastructure while lowering the cost and risk associated with meeting enterprise service level objectives.

New Business Offerings

  • Free Data Migrations for New Customers: Companies seeking to upgrade, rationalize, or consolidate their storage infrastructure no longer have to let migration costs and risks or skills shortages hold them back. By removing the uncertainties that normally accompany migrations, new customers can at least double their capacity relative to All Flash Array solutions without increasing budgets.
  • 100% Data Availability Guarantee: With the expansion of our 100% data availability guarantee to include single systems, Infinidat is fully committing to customers and prospects that they will never experience downtime caused by Infinidat. Should a covered customer ever suffer an unexpected downtime event, Infinidat will provide the appropriate remedies depending on the business model in place, and do root-cause analysis to ensure that the downtime event will be a one-off event, the exception that proves the rule.
  • Elastic Pricing: With Infinidat’s Elastic Pricing model, customers don’t have to choose between low cost and flexibility. Elastic Pricing offers customers the ability to purchase Base Capacity, rent Burst Capacity, and convert Burst to Base Capacity at any time – without penalties or premiums. The result: Elastic Pricing eliminates the need for customers to pay a premium or make a long-term commitment for short-term storage needs while providing the ability to add capacity on demand.

“Being in the Research and Oncology business, any downtime at all is detrimental to our business,” said Igal Janni, CIO of IFOM (FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology). “Infinidat guaranteed us data availability and they have delivered – we’ve been running InfiniBox for two years and haven’t experienced a single second of downtime. We run our operations with confidence, knowing the data we need to meet business objectives and satisfy customer demands will always be available to us when we need it.”

New Software Features

  • Enabling NVMe over Fabrics: Infinidat is also announcing that with the release of InfiniBox software V5.6, NVMe/TCP is now generally available. Infinidat chose NVMe/TCP as its first generally available NVMe protocol because customers are already delighted with the InfiniBox performance over Fibre Channel SANs, and NVMe/TCP allows prospects and customers to leverage their existing investments in Ethernet. Additionally, a growing number of next-generation data centers are being built exclusively on Ethernet network infrastructure, and NVMe/TCP is compatible with visions of a software-defined data center (SDDC). Infinidat’s support of NVMe over Fabrics will expand to include FC and RoCE as customer demands dictate. By adding support for NVMe over Fabrics, Infinidat is helping customers significantly improve/reduce latency, without incurring significant costs.
  • 3-Site Replication: Also introduced, InfiniBox Release 5.5 now allows an active-active replica to be simultaneously replicated asynchronously to a third InfiniBox system, providing a disaster recovery copy at a remote location, which is not limited by latency and distance. Extending the superior performance and availability of InfiniBox active-active system pairs, customers can now further extend the distance of a remote replica beyond a metropolitan area without performance penalty for disaster recovery purposes.

Whether it’s offering new business programs for flexibility and reliability or adding new technical features to improve latency and performance, Infinidat remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting all storage needs for customers today, and whatever the future holds.

“As a service provider, every technology decision we make is focused on improving user experience,” said Marc Creviere, Principal Systems Engineer, US Signal Company. “Infinidat’s NVMe-oF strategy shows continued innovation that enables US Signal as well as our customers. This helps us maintain a shared vision for delivering high-performance software-defined data centers at scale, both for the present and as needs evolve.”

“Infinidat has made an important step towards maximizing the full performance potential of their InfiniBox array by further embracing a software-defined solution model,” said Sean Gilbride, CTO, Daymark Solutions, Inc. “NVMe/TCP enables a simplified network implementation for customers looking to deliver the best performance to the most latency sensitive workloads without requiring retrofitting their networks and hosts with specialized hardware.”

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