Paperspace Joins NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Program

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AI cloud computing Paperspace announced Paperspace Gradient is certified under the new NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program. The program offers proven solutions that complement NVIDIA DGX systems, including the new NVIDIA DGX A100, with certified software that supports the full lifecycle of AI model development.

AI has made its way into every aspect of business, yet developers at most organizations still find current frameworks costly and difficult to implement,” said Dillon Erb, CEO & co-founder, Paperspace. “Paperspace aims to give every developer the tools needed to be an ML developer, and to unleash the full potential of AI for every enterprise.”

Paperspace Gradient accelerates and scales the development and deployment of production-ready machine learning and deep learning models. The platform runs on the industry’s first comprehensive CI/CD engine for building, training, and deploying deep learning models. Paperspace’s best-in-class machine learning tooling and methodology supports multi-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments for today’s modern enterprises. It also works with NVIDIA NGC — hub for AI software — and is optimized for NVIDIA DGX systems.

Gradient’s development environment supports building and training models from research and development to production-scale. Gradient offers Jupyter notebooks, the Gradient CLI with GitHub integration, and the Gradient web interface. It provides cloud-agnostic support for end-to-end model development, management, and deployment.

Paperspace Gradient was developed to make building machine learning infrastructure more accessible, painless, cost-effective, and efficient. The platform’s web-based development environment obviates the need for any setup and ongoing management of infrastructure.

We developed our NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program to accelerate AI development in the enterprise,” said John Barco, senior director of DGX software product management at NVIDIA. “Paperspace has developed a unique CI/CD approach to building machine learning models that simplifies the process and takes advantage of the power of NVIDIA DGX systems.”

About Paperspace

Paperspace is a high-performance cloud computing and deep learning development platform for building, training and deploying models. Tens of thousands of individuals, startups, and enterprises use Paperspace to orchestrate their collaborative machine learning workflows.

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