Podcast: Streamlined Data Science through Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Enterprise Gateway

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In this SpotlightON podcast, Robert Stober from Bright Computing and Adnan Khaleel from Dell Technologies discuss the Bright Jupyter integration.

Jupyter is a free, open-source, interactive web tool known as a computational notebook, which researchers can use to combine software code, computational output, explanatory text and multimedia resources in a single document. This podcast looks at how the Bright Jupyter integration makes it easy for customers to use Bright for Data Science through JupyterLab notebooks, which allows users to run their notebooks through a supported HPC scheduler, Kubernetes, or on the server running JupyterHub.

Jupiter lab is very popular predecessor to Jupiter notebooks and it’s commonly used in the data science community. Bright Jupiter integration makes it really easy for users to use Bright for data science with all the popular data science frameworks. Bright Jupiter integration goes actually goes beyond data science, so it can be used to submit any type of workload.

The Dell EMC Ready Solution for AI with NVIDIA  is built around the Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, NVIDIA Tesla Tensor Core GPUs, and managed by Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science. The solution is designed to resolve the paradox for you. It supports all phases of the deep learning process and incorporates the hardware, software, and tools you need to build a robust, reliable infrastructure for developing deep learning projects.

Making Deep Learning Easy

More than just a bundle of world-class machine learning hardware and software, the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI are designed to make your life easier. If you’re in IT, Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science makes it easy for you to build and manage the infrastructure. If you’re a data scientist, the Dell EMC Data Scientist Portal simplifies your life allowing model implementation, training, and inference tests to be run in Jupyter Notebook or directly from the Linux terminal.

Adnan Khaleel from Dell Technologies

Adnan Khaleel is Senior Director of Global Sales Strategy at Dell Technologies, where he focuses on worldwide revenue growth strategies of HPC and AI.

The Bright SpotlightON: Podcast Series features Bright executives and partners showcasing today’s latest trends in HPC. The podcasts will focus on a combination of Bright Partner initiatives, offerings, and technologies that are enabling the deployment of full-scale HPC, AI, Cloud, and Data Analytics solutions across industries.


Robert Stober from Bright Computing

Robert Stober is Director of Product Management at Bright Computing.

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