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Quantum StorNext Makes Cloud Content More Accessible, Speeds Data Retrieval

Today Quantum Corp. announced new advancements for its StorNext file system and data management software designed to make cloud content more accessible, with significantly improved read and write speeds for any cloud and object store based storage solution.

We are working closely with our customers to innovate and enhance the capabilities of our StorNext file system,” said Ed Fiore, Vice President and General Manager, Primary Storage, Quantum. “At this time when customers are forced to work remotely, the flexibility to move content between locations, both on-premise and cloud datacenters, is critical. This latest version of StorNext software adds new ways to archive content and access it in the cloud and is another step toward providing a seamless bridge between on-premise and the cloud.”

The new StorNext software features enable hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud storage use cases, delivering greater flexibility for media and entertainment and other data intensive environments such as genomics, academic research, video surveillance, oil and gas and government security. This latest version of StorNext software advances Quantum’s software-defined product portfolio strategy and extends Quantum’s leadership in managing video and other unstructured data.

New features:

  • Cloud Content More Accessible Using Self-Describing Objects. StorNext 6.4 software incorporates self-describing objects to make cloud content more easily accessible, enabling new hybrid-cloud workflows. The client writes files into StorNext file system then, based on policy, StorNext 6.4 software copies files to the public or private cloud, with the option to include additional object metadata. Non-StorNext software clients and cloud-resident processes may now access objects directly, leveraging the new extended metadata.
  • Improved Retrieval Speed from Large Object Stores. Multi-threaded put / get operations improve retrieval speed to and from large object stores and the cloud. Users can expect to see a 5X to 7X performance increase with StorNext 6.4 software, depending on the size of their objects and other factors. This feature enhances performance where single stream object performance is limited.

Other Notable Features in StorNext 6.4:

  • StorNext Dynamic Library Pooling: This feature improves resiliency for large tape archives, enabling the use of multiple libraries for performance and redundancy, including scale-out tape with vertical libraries like Quantum’s Scalar® i6 tape library. Customers can rotate file stores to different libraries to increase availability.
  • Support for AWS Glacier Deep Archive Service: Quantum’s StorNext 6.4 software adds support for Amazon Glacier™ Deep Archive to StorNext’s already-robust integration with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others.

Quantum’s StorNext file system has been widely adopted by the media and entertainment industry because of the way it maximizes performance for flash-based drives, high-resolution workflows, and multiple workstreams,” said Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates. “By making hybrid and multi-cloud storage environments more accessible, the StorNext file system continues to evolve as a tool for enabling media and entertainment workflows.”

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