Time-lapse Video: Installing an Immersion Cooling System at Zelendata Centar in Serbia

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In this time-lapse video, technicians install a 336U high-density ICEraQ immersion cooling system from GRC at Zelendata Centar in Serbia.

Only three days were required to completely prep, install, and test two ICEraQ Quads — turning four walls and a bare concrete floor into an up and ready-to-run 200 kW capable data center. Conversely, a typical comparable air-cooled data center would take closer to 12 months. And, this is just the beginning. They have plans for a total of eight ICEraQ Quad systems totaling 800 kW — that’s equivalent to over 64 standard, air-cooled racks!

The Zelendata Centar Features:

  • Two ICEraQ Quad Systems Totaling 200 kW
  • 336U of High-Density Compute with Supermicro Servers
  • 90% Reduction in Cooling Power & 40% Less Total Energy Consumption
  • Wind as Its Primary Power Source
  • Zero Water Waste
  • Zero Installation Waste

Whether you’re running AI, public cloud computing, private cloud storage, a high frequency trading operation, or an on premises data center, ICEraQ micro-modular, immersion cooling solutions from GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) can help you achieve unprecedented cost, performance and space efficiencies. The minimal site requirements and modular design of ICEraQ server cooling systems significantly reduce the expense of building, running and expanding data centers. So, with options ranging from our all-in-one, compact ICEraQ Micro to the powerhouse ICEraQ One — cooling up to 200 kW per rack – we’ve got your data center cooling needs covered.

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