Video: Ayar Labs pushes Moore’s Law through Optical I/O technology

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In this video, Mark Wade, President, CTO and Co-Founder of Ayar Labs, explains how the company’s optical I/O solution will address the critical computing challenges of efficiency, density, and distance for next-gen system architectures.

Ayar Labs is disrupting the traditional performance, cost, and efficiency curves of the semiconductor and computing industries by driving a 1000x improvement in interconnect bandwidth density at 10x lower power. Our patented approach uses industry standard cost-effective silicon processing techniques to develop high speed, high density, low power optical based interconnect “chiplets” and multi-wavelength lasers to replace traditional electrical based I/O. These smart optical I/O chiplets enable SOC companies and system-integrators to focus on their core function integration and process scaling while offloading the I/O tasks to low-power, high-throughput and reach optical I/Os, enabling logically connected and physically federated systems.

Mark Wade is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Ayar Labs. Prior to founding Ayar Labs, he led the group that designed the optics in the world’s first processor to communicate using light. He holds a PhD from University of Colorado.

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