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Collaboration Moves to the Cloud in a Work-from-home World

In this Sponsored Post, our friends over at Altair explain how remote access and cloud collaboration tools allow companies of all sizes to discover and innovate, anywhere and anytime, and in today’s distributed world they can make the difference between winning and falling behind.

2020 has taught us that the world can change rapidly. We need to be ready to adjust, adapt, and take on challenges from anywhere. Remote functionality and cloud enablement are big parts of the “new normal,” and they’ll continue to be key innovation enablers long after workers return — if they return — to traditional office environments.

With companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Shopify allowing employees to work from home indefinitely, today’s workplace is changing. It may no longer be a “workplace” so much as a series of interconnected workspaces supported by shared data and collaboration tools. After being forced to take the plunge into broad implementation of remote-based work, businesses are finding that it’s not only possible for a distributed workforce to continue producing and innovating, but that the benefits, like reduced overhead costs and improved work/life balance, outweigh any downsides. Shopify CEO and founder Tobi Lutke tweeted, “Office centricity is over.”

To take advantage of the benefits of remote work, businesses need the right technology to keep their team connected, simply and reliably. This is especially true with compute-intensive science, research, and engineering work where high-performance computing is a requirement.

Altair recognizes the criticality of remote solutions, and we’ve designed our software with distributed access, control, and cloud enablement in mind.

Access Anywhere

Enable your users to submit jobs from anywhere, anytime, using Altair Access™. Access provides a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources, allowing engineers and researchers to focus on core activities. Remote visualization and collaboration capabilities bring access to an expensive, high-end 3D visualization data center hardware right to the user — with no IT expertise needed. Users can view job status from anywhere, on any device, and collaborate easily from multiple locations without downloading large files.

Cloud Bursting

Bursting to the cloud extends your data center without the need for additional infrastructure. With cloud bursting, users aren’t stuck waiting in queues to get their work done. Instead, peak workloads can automatically burst to the cloud, eliminating contention for computing resources. Altair Control™ is the HPC administrator’s control center for managing, optimizing, and forecasting resources, and it delivers easy, web-based access to seamless on-demand cloud bursting when you need more resources. Users can burst to any of the major public clouds including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and OCI.

Software Tools on Demand

Purpose-built for turnkey cloud enablement, the Altair HyperWorks Unlimited virtual appliance provides a broad variety of solver software on demand or as a subscription on a modern, scalable HPC infrastructure. You can run all your favorite CAE software, including third-party applications, on a secure, cloud-based platform that simplifies access to HPC infrastructure via an efficient, web-based portal. HyperWorks Unlimited delivers expanded computing capacity and powerful workload management in an affordable solution that’s simple to deploy and scale.

Remote access and cloud collaboration tools allow companies of all sizes to discover and innovate, anywhere and anytime, and in today’s distributed world they can make the difference between winning and falling behind. Remote collaboration and easy resource access are critical in today’s work-from-home world, and they’ll remain primary enablers into the ever-developing future.

Altair is dedicated to delivering the best technology, leading-edge solutions, and expert support in the data center and beyond. Learn more about Altair cloud solutions.

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