insideHPC Special Report: Citizens Benefit from Public/Private Partnerships – Part 3

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This special report sponsored by Dell Technologies, takes a look at how now more than ever, agencies from all levels of government are teaming with private Information Technology (IT) organizations to leverage AI and  HPC to create and implement solutions that not only increase safety for all, but also provide a more  streamlined and modern experience for citizens.

The massive amounts of information that are being  generated today require modern, high-performance servers, fast networking and storage solutions that easily scale with increased workloads. Heterogeneous computing systems that incorporate various hardware components such as server accelerators can lead to  faster and more efficient solutions that are vital for safety and security.

This technology guide, insideHPC Special Report: Citizens Benefit from Public/Private Partnerships, highlights a lineup of Ready Solutions created by Dell Technologies which are highly optimized and tuned hardware and software stacks for a variety of industries.

Dell Technologies Leadership

Dell Technologies is the leading vendor of servers worldwide, both in terms of units and revenue, according to IDC. [1] Dell Technologies offers a wide range of PowerEdge servers and software to analyze massive  amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. Dell Technologies has partnered with AMD to deliver high-performance servers. And together, the companies are seeing phenomenal results.

For example, the PowerEdge C6525 delivered weather modeling results in about half the time of previous-generation AMD EPYC servers for faster severe storm notification. Performance we can rely on, especially during hurricane season. In addition, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC now include the PowerEdge C6525. The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC simplify and shorten the time it takes to design, configure, deploy and
maintain HPC systems.

In addition to offering HPC systems, Dell Technologies is committed to working with customers that require advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to gain insight into their data. Organizations across the globe are undertaking projects with Dell Technologies in order to deliver more targeted services and
ensure the safety of its citizens. Dell Technologies also works with today’s most innovative organizations today that demand reliable, high performance systems, as well as expert architects and services.

AI is becoming a must-have technology for many industries. Predictive analytics can be enhanced with the inclusion of AI technology, which results in more accurate knowledge of customer interaction, for example. AI can also enhance computer and system security, logistics and supply chains.

Dell Technologies has teams of industry experts that can architect and implement a solution that is optimized for your workloads. The company operates a number of worldwide Customer Solution Centers where  customers can explore and test the latest technologies. Customers can take a test drive to work through implementation scenarios and learn more about their specific challenges before deploying at scale. Customers also have access to highly experienced Dell Technology experts in order to prototype innovative solutions.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions are integrated solutions, consisting of servers, software, networking, storage and services. These solutions are targeted at HPC and AI workloads and are created in a building-block fashion. Since workloads may grow, these solutions are designed to be scalable and grow with requirements. Dell EMC Ready Solutions are available for the following workloads:

  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics

Learn more about Dell EMC Technologies Ready Solutions.

Dell Technologies and AMD

Dell Technologies works closely with AMD to deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of  workloads. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers contain the second-generation AMD EPYC™ processors. These processors are designed to deliver tremendous performance, access memory faster and increase I/O bandwidth for the most demanding workloads. Learn more about the Dell and AMD partnership.



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Over the past few weeks we have explored these topics surrounding citizens benefit from public/private partnerships centered around HPC and AI:

Download the complete insideHPC Special Report: Citizens Benefit from Public/Private Partnerships, courtesy of Dell Technologies.


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