Altair Virtual HPC Summit

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As we head into the second half of 2020, we face a different world than the one we used to live in. Organizations have had to keep up with rapid sociological changes, tackling new challenges and new work environments that test the limits of technology infrastructure.

From changing workloads to distributed teams and a heightened demand for cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing solutions, Altair has been working around the clock to deliver enterprise computing tools that ensure our clients retain their competitive edge no matter where today’s “office” is located.

Now, Altair invites you to join our HPC experts, along with our partners, technology users, and industry peers, to learn about the leading-edge computing solutions that will keep innovation moving forward through 2020 and beyond.

Altair Virtual HPC Summit

Join us in September for a virtual summit on the state of HPC on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 10.

  • Day 1: In our PBS Professional User Group and Workload Management Summit you’ll hear from Altair leadership and HPC experts on the state of HPC. It’s your chance to get the latest on Altair® PBS Professional®, speak directly with the team behind the scheduler in an open “Ask the Devs” session, and hear how customers at leading organizations are staying ahead in 2020 with leading-edge HPC and HTC workload orchestration solutions.
  • Day 2: Join Altair experts, partners, and customers for presentations on topics in three different tracks including HPC, semiconductor, and IT budget savings. You’ll hear about cloud bursting, GPU solutions, and bringing the cost of computing resources as close as possible to exact demand. We’re planning sessions on customizing your HPC solutions, trimming your bottom line with software license modeling, and much more.

The State of HPC in 2020

Altair is excited to bring HPC administrators, users, and enthusiasts together to tackle 2020’s unique challenges and discuss the key role of cutting-edge workload management technology in making it possible.

As we head into an uncertain future, simulation data can help you predict what’s next and allocate resources accordingly. The future technology environment requires security, ultimate collaboration, and flexible workload capabilities. We support every workload from the biggest HPC workloads to millions of small HTC workloads, with a single scheduler and cost savings through license optimization.

Cloud is today’s defining enabler. Engineers can access all the tools they need in the cloud and collaborate with our user-friendly Altair Access™ tool, and HPC admins will love the ease and flexibility of the Altair Control™ portal. We integrate it all for you and help you navigate the cloud, with Altair experts and a broad network of technology partners. Altair solutions are trusted by a diverse range of customers in a wide range of industries and disciplines, from Top500 systems to the smallest cluster.

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