Frédéric Hannoyer Appointed COO of SiPearl, Designer of Europe’s Exascale Chip

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Frédéric Hannoyer (48, Ecole Polytechnique Paris, Ecole des Ponts Paris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has been appointed chief operating officer of  SiPearl, the microprocessor designer for the European exascale supercomputer.

In April, SiPearl signed a technological licensing agreement with Arm, the global semiconductor IP provider, granting the organization access to the Arm Neoverse platform, codenamed ‶Zeus,ʺ and to leverage the software and hardware Arm ecosystem.

Hannoyer brings extensive general management experience in the electronics and semiconductor industry and a strong international network in the industrial and technology sectors. He will lead execution of SiPearl’s strategy with emphasis on the organization’s many technological and industrial partnerships, with the goal of successfully launching the first European HPC microprocessor by 2022.

Hannoyer has spent his career in France and the U.S. in the electronics and semiconductor industry (Eolane, STMicroelectronics, Sigma Designs), as well as engineering and software applications (Tenfold, Honeywell Aerospace).

He previously was part of the executive committee of the French advanced electronic manufacturer Eolane, heading design and R&D services activities for the group and its dedicated product division for the Internet of Things, guiding the transformation of these activities in connection with an LBO.

In his 14 years in various strategic roles with the STMicroelectronics group, Hannoyer focused much of his work on the cybersecurity, core network, multimedia and connectivity markets. He led the creation of new product business lines, the transformation of activities or their transition to scale, while defining the right business models, putting in place the teams needed and supporting them by building relationships with clients and suppliers, as well as strategic partnerships. He has also developed strong relationships with European and international institutions to set up major financial programs.