Inspur Launches Server for Mobile Liquid Cooling Cluster

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Quick-installed mobile liquid cooling cluster (source: Inspur)

Data center infrastructure provider Inspur Information has announced a plate liquid-cooling 2U 4-node server, the i24M5-LC, that the company said is optimized for large-scale water-cooling server data centers with PUE<1.2.

Inspur said the i24M5-LC, built for HPC and cloud data centers, adopts a liquid cooling design based on the company’s i24M5 server, a 2U four-node rack-mounted system designed for high-density data center applications. “Four 1U half-width two-socket nodes can be mounted in the chassis, demonstrating its high density…in a limited space,” the company said. “Its extreme scalability makes it ideal for high-performance computing and cloud platform construction.”

Of the cold plate liquid cooling method, Inspur said it “can fulfill the even higher heat dissipation demands of next-generation processors.”

i24M5-LC conducts heat exchange by means of warm water cooling. Each node has a leak detection module with alarms, with the cabinet included in the monitoring system. A single node of the i24M5-LC supports two Intel Xeon scalable processors for a maximum power of 205W.

Inspur i24M5-LC server

Meanwhile, Inspur also released RackCDU-F004, a rack-mounted liquid cooling CDU (coolant distribution unit), which can be connected to the i24M5-LC with quick release connectors for deployment of a complete liquid cooling system.

In a space of less than 0.5 square meters and a height of 8U, it supports eight two-socket CPU liquid-cooling servers and rack-mounted liquid-cooled CDUs, according to Inspur, “achieving an innovative, complete miniaturized mobile liquid cooling cluster.”

Inspur said the CDU enables expansion of nodes through coupled installation of multiple systems and “no longer relies on heat exchange on the primary side, greatly simplifying the deployment environment of liquid cooling clusters. In a sense, this quick-installed mobile liquid cooling cluster system fundamentally solves the deployment problem of traditional liquid cooling systems, and provides customers with a cost-effective liquid cooling cluster solution.”