AWS Announces GA of Quantum Development Environment

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Amazon Web Services today announced the general availability of Amazon Braketa development environment for exploring and designing quantum algorithms. AWS said Braket tests and troubleshoots quantum algorithms on simulated quantum computers running on computing resources in AWS.

Users can then use Braket to run their quantum algorithms on their choice of quantum processors based on different technologies, including systems from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti, according to AWS. “Both simulated and quantum hardware jobs are managed through a unified development experience, and customers pay only for the compute resources used.

Braket is designed to let customers get started with quantum using tools such as Jupyter notebooks to access pre-installed developer tools used to design quantum algorithms, visualize results and collaborate with others, according to AWS. It offers cross-platform developer tools that let customers design their own quantum algorithms or choose from a library of pre-built algorithms, “providing a consistent experience so that customers no longer need to learn multiple development environments.”

AWS said early adopters of Bracket include Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, Volkswagen Group, multinational power company Enel, biotech company Amgen, the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, London-based quantum machine learning company Rahko and quantum computational company Qu & Co.

source: AWS