RadioFreeHPC: HPC Market Growth; Student Cluster Competition — Winter Classic Invitational

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by RadioFreeHPC Podcast

HPC Market Projected Growth

It’s a few weeks since we recorded this episode so maybe things have changed, but as of the recording the HPC market is projected to grow according to Hyperion’s studies. The RadioFreeHPC team delves in, looking for validations and new insights.

Armed with the halo effect of big systems like Isambard and now Fugaku, the number and value of HPC systems based on the Arm CPUs are slated to to grow rapidly albeit from a small base.

The use of public clouds for HPC is also projected to grow. There is a big jump in recent years in HPC cloud’s market size.  Hard to tell how much of that is because of cloud guys started staffing up for HPC and now have vocal advocates who pointed out the growth, and how much of that is actual new growth.

And AI is expected to grow faster than HPC, though Shahin continues to maintain that the engine behind the growth of AI looks awfully similar to HPC.

Winter Classic Invitational

DanO has a big announcement. He is organizing a new edition of everybody’s favorite competition, the Student Cluster Competition, to be held in January 2021 and making it a priority to attract new teams including from historically black colleges.

With an incredibly awesome advisory board, the Winter Classic Invitational is the newest major Student Cluster Competition, fitting nicely between the SC competition in November and the ASC competition in April. This is a virtual cluster competition, meaning that students will run their benchmarks and HPC applications remotely on systems in their team sponsors’ data center.

Reach out to DanO if you’d like more info and check out the Student Cluster Competition website with all the latest and historical data.

Reasons Why No One Should Ever Be Online. Ever.

Henry has another “bad one”, as if any of them is good.  This one is an urgent “5-alarm” vulnerability in networking gear from F5 which you hopefully patched before too late.

Catch of the Week

ShahinFuji Films is talking about 400TB tape technology. Henry isn’t buying it. They both agree the website with the article is pretty cool!

Dan:  No catch this week, sad, very sad.

Henry: Makes up for Dan by having two catches

Catch 1:  Henry is looking to make nearly 50 cents per daylight hour with his fancy new solar set up. Nice job!

Catch 2:  Addison Snell’s podcast about racism.  Go listen to it!