Rescale Launches Intelligent Control Plane for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Big Compute

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 30, 2020 — Rescale Inc., the leader in enterprise big compute, announced the availability of the industry’s first hybrid and multi-cloud intelligent control plane to deliver new levels of performance, architectural control and R&D productivity.

Enterprises face the challenge of fast-growing R&D workloads and new specialized hardware architectures, all while managing cost and performance for hybrid cloud operations. The Rescale intelligent control plane combines software-defined computing, hardware-based acceleration, and performance intelligence to deliver the best high-performance computing solution for each project per business objectives.

“We have a variety of specific and intensive compute requirements that Rescale was able to optimize and help us choose which types of processors best fit the workloads that we run,” said Sensatek Propulsion Technology CTO, Josh McConkey. “With Rescale, we can dynamically allocate and maximize our HPC resources, ultimately reducing our projected 2,200 simulation hours down to 300, or nine months of work down to two months.”

Rescale’s control plane introduces an intelligence-driven logic and control layer between R&D workloads and the underlying infrastructure, enabling flexibility, performance and efficiency not seen in traditional static HPC environments.

Rescale intelligence includes software licensing schemes, real-time cloud provider infrastructure pricing worldwide, and the Rescale Performance Index, an always-current library of benchmarks on application-specific performance. Enterprise IT can take advantage of any of these parameters in defining policies, and track project spending for software and hardware for full stack economic visibility.

Key Rescale intelligent control plane components:

  • Rescale API – Compute job submission and admin controls for unified hybrid and multi-cloud. Control resources managed by schedulers (e.g., SLURM, LSF, PBS Pro) and leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud)

  • Rescale Intelligence – Software licensing intelligence and global infrastructure intelligence on multi-cloud pricing, maturity, capacity, and workload-specific  performance (Rescale Maturity Index and Rescale Performance Index)

  • Operational Workflows – Define security, architecture, performance, and budgeting policies based on the Rescale API and Rescale Intelligence

  • R&D Workflows – Easy-to-use tools for researchers to run jobs and visualizations, collaborate on results, without making infrastructure decisions

“IT professionals want to make informed data-driven decisions on their hybrid and multi-cloud operations,” said Edward Hsu, VP Product, Rescale. “With the intelligent control plane approach to HPC, they can both make informed decisions, and take immediate action to be strategic partners to the businesses they support.”

The Rescale intelligent control plane delivers three major benefits:

  • Performance and efficiency – maximize the economic impact of hybrid and multi-cloud operations using the latest architectures and performance intelligence

  • Control at scale – enable global and multi-BU organizations with controlled and secure computing environments with the highest levels of service

  • Empowered R&D – accelerate commercializing new innovations with researcher-centric workflows and collaboration, abstracted from infrastructure

“By adopting Rescale, we were able to reduce the cost of trial production by 37%, in addition to improving the speed of our analysis and reducing the total person-hours required,” said Tetsuya Okimoto, Computational Mechanics Engineer at Toyo Advanced Technologies. “Choosing specialized, multi-cloud infrastructure on Rescale was the best economic option in terms of both solve-speed and cost when compared to increasing the capacity of our in-house supercomputer.”