CoolIT Systems Launches the Rack DLC CHx200 CDU

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Calgary, AB. Oct 7, 2020 – CoolIT Systems, Inc. (CoolIT), maker of energy efficient liquid cooling technologies for HPC, cloud and enterprise markets, has expanded its Rack DLC™ Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) product line with the release of the new Rack DLC CHx200 CDU (CHx200). The CHx200 is the future of high-density rack based CDUs. Managing 200kW+ of IT heat load in a remarkably small 4U form factor, the CHx200 is the most capable and compact CDU on the market.

This progressive CDU provides the reliability and performance data centers need to support the requirements of today and the future. The CHx200 employs an extremely efficient heat exchanger that utilizes ASHRAE W4 warm water, eliminating the need for chillers.

To ensure superior performance and reliability, the CHx200 features centralized N+1 redundant pumps, redundant power supplies and a comprehensive control system which manages and reports on 16 sensor locations within the system. The CHx200 can be configured locally via a 4.3” LCD screen or through several network protocols and has multiple operating modes that are customizable by the user to fit specific data center needs.

“The CHx200 CDU showcases our focus on innovation and listening to our customers’ needs. It allows for greater flexibility when planning DLC deployments based on its incredible performance and flexibility” says CoolIT Systems CEO, Steve Walton. “From research labs to supercomputers, the CHx200 CDU is ready to take on the future of data centers.”

CoolIT Systems is now accepting pre-orders for the CHx200. Inquiries can be made through

source: CoolIT Systems