Dell EMC Unveils New PowerEdge XE Servers, Updates OpenManage Systems Management

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Dell EMC today announced new PowerEdge XE servers, updated its OpenManage systems management and monitoring software and revealed a code collaboration with Splunk for Redfish protocol telemetry data ingestion and analytics.

The company said the new PowerEdge XE7100 is the industry’s highest-density 5U storage server with flexible configuration options engineered for video analytics, media-streaming and object storage, and it holds up to 100 high-capacity hard drives, or 67 percent more drives than a competitive system. Dell EMC also said the PowerEdge XE7100 is equipped with one or two dual-socket nodes with up to four accelerators to avoid data silos to boost inferencing performance.

Dell EMC said that based its own analysis, in a standard 42U rack the PowerEdge XE7100 can scale with up to 200 more high-capacity drives and 50 percent fewer power cables while consuming up to 40 percent less power.

Payment solutions for PowerEdge XE7100 include Flex On Demand, which provides customers with the ability to pay for technology as they use it. When it is time to scale for business growth, it provides immediate access to buffer capacity and adjusts payments to match actual usage.

The Dell EMC OpenManage Systems Management portfolio, designed to enable rapid deployment and scalability of infrastructure, offers:

  • Full-stack management in the same place for both physical and virtual hosts with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter v.5.2. With the support of the PowerEdge XE2420 server for the Edge, it delivers systems management at full speed from the edge to the hybrid-cloud, Dell EMC said, enabling admins to update hypervisors and firmware in an 8-node PowerEdge cluster in less than 4 minutes.
  •  Automated server lifecycle tasks and scaled operations with OpenManage Enterprise  FlexSelect architecture. With one interface, users can prevent downtime through intelligent analytics, predictive alerts and automatically generated support tickets with OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist; automate the catalog and repositories update tasks with OpenManage Enterprise Update Manager; identify and control underutilized resources and power consumption to aid workload planning with OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager.
  • FlexSelect pluggable architecture that Dell EMC said enables seamless integrations with management consoles, streamlines IT service and operation management workflows.

OpenManage also delivers infrastructure insights with its AIOps capabilities – such as iDRAC, which can stream more than 180 server telemtry metrics – supporting efforts to make data centers more resilient, the company said. “Analyzing and visualizing this data helps uncover hidden insights between seemingly unrelated events for proactive management,” Dell EMC said. “With fine-tuning, these insights can make the infrastructure and business more flexible. OpenManage Enterprise and plugins automate notification and action following pre-defined policy, so your infrastructure is more responsive and secure.”

In addition, Dell Technologies announced it has partnered with machine data analytics specialist Splunk to develop the Dell EMC iDRAC Redfish for Splunk Enterprise add-on for ingesting Redfish telemetry data.  It includes a visualization dashboard for monitoring business and infrastructure performance on one dashboard.

“Being able to retain long-term and complex data for researchers to access and collaborate in joint research is critical,” said Dr. Ian Fisk, co-director, Flatiron Institute, which provides an interactive environment for researchers, data scientists and programmers to work together. “The new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 enables us to provide a highly collaborative IT environment to the pursuit of understanding the phenomena of our world.”

source: Dell EMC