Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: Nvidia’s Geetika Gupta on a Decade of Driving GPUs into the Data Center

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Geetika Gupta, senior product manager at Nvidia, is a veteran of the company’s drive to bring GPU processing power to the data center. In this conversation, part of our Dell Technologies HPC Community series of interviews, Gupta talks about her work  in product management of multiple generations of Nvidia GPUs – including Kepler, Pascal and Volta, among others – used in HPC systems and workloads. “Because of my long background in the HPC application space, I’ve long looked at how people are using GPUs to accelerate science,” she told us, “also how the convergence of AI is being used for scientific simulation, and drive those into the product features, whether it is on the GPU level, or at a software level or at a system level.”