At Virtual SC20: Catching up with Penguin Computing’s Expanding HPC Reach

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At Virtual SC20, we checked in with Penguin Computing Chief Strategy Officer Matt Jacobs, who is helping guide the company’s rapidly expanding reach, encompassing HPC, AI, on and off premises, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and anywhere else that enables customers to aggregate and slice-and-dice their compute resources within, as Jacobs tells us, “a singular continuum.”

Addressing customers’ increasingly sophisticated and diverse compute strategies – selecting HPC resources based on workload requirements – will be a focus of Penguin’s activities at SC20 this week.

We’re starting to see our customers look for more flexible usage models. And what I mean by that is if we’re viewing compute as a continuum, and if we’re seeing the need to repatriate some of that equipment to on-premises for high utilization workloads and maybe leverage cloud for others, can we have that on premises capability as an operational model, versus a traditional transaction? And so we’re building out programs to help on that front.

Penguin’s SC20 booth can be found here; for more information on Penguin Computing solutions go here.