At Virtual SC20: Quantum Corp. Takes on High Performance Storage of Unstructured Data

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Quantum Corp. at Virtual SC20 is showcasing a raft of recently announced high performance storage and data management products. These include Quantum ATFS, a new file-based storage platform with integrated data classification, along with an updated version of Quantum StorNext 7 File System, which includes the ability to automate data placement on NVMe. We spoke with Noemi Greyzdorf, Quantum’s director of product marketing, who told us about the company’s management and storage services for unstructured data.

What we’re bringing to supercomputing is a combined solution, where we’re focusing on a retention, preservation protection of unstructured data appled to any enterprise, but in particular, to the to the research community. And we’re launching it with the ability to actually classify, visualize, and automate many different tasks by understanding what relationship data has to the applications. So before you put it into a repository, such as an archive, you want to have an understanding of what data represents for the organization.

Quantum takes on the struggle to store unstructured data against a backdrop of the data explosion, about which Greyzdorf said…

It’s really designed for organizations, whether it’s research labs, universities, research centers…, even financial institutions, the idea here is the amount of data created is exponential…, somewhere between 30 and 60 percent (growth) year over year, that’s significant. At the same time, we hear that 80 percent of newly created data and data that we’re keeping is unstructured – whether it is metrics from our journaling data at the edge collected, or genomic research, or modeling of new products, airplanes, chemical experimentation, so there’s a lot of research and a lot of different areas, and they all are very data heavy.