ICC Partners with GigaIO to Offer NovArray HPC Solution

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Carlsbad, CA – November 3, 2020 – GigaIO, creators of data center network architecture and connectivity solutions, today announced an agreement with International Computer Concepts (ICC), a systems integrator of enterprise-level computing solutions, that has partnered with GigaIO to offer NovArray™. NovArray is an expertly configured solution integrated with GigaIO FabreX™ architecture that enables a hyper-performance network with a unified, software-defined, composable infrastructure. Using industry
standard PCI Express (PCIe) technology, FabreX integrates computing, acceleration, storage
and input/output (IO) communication into a single-system cluster network, dynamically configuring the system to optimally run each application and enabling native host-to-host communication.

“Together with GigaIO, we have optimized the NovArray HPC solutions with infrastructure that offers the lowest latency in the industry and eliminates networking bottlenecks and configuration issues.” says Alexey Stolyar, Director of Development at ICC. “The leading composability and true disaggregation of the FabreX technology along with ICC’s expertise in HPC design and engineering provides a solution with superior overall system performance that is built with considerations for your power budget, density and networking needs.”

NovaArray Solution is available with the following featured configurations:
GigaIO FabreX™ AIC Resource Box
Disaggregated Compute Accelerator
· Supports up to 10x PCIe 4.0 x16 Cards
· Connect to the FabreX ToR Switch
· Direct PCIe Communication

GigaIO FabreX™ U.2 Flash Array
Disaggregated Compute Accelerator
· Supports 24x 2.5” U.2 NVMe SSDs
· Connect to the FabreX ToR Switch
· Direct PCIe Communication
· Redundant 900W Power Supplies