ICM and SBI to Collaborate on Use of Garuda, Other Scientific Software Platforms

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Dec. 14 – A memorandum of understanding between ICM University of Warsaw, Poland and Tokyo based The Systems Biology Institute (SBI) which was signed recently signals a beginning of a research and development collaboration between the two entities. The main areas of interaction will be the collaboration on and the use of scientific software platforms, such as Garuda connectivity and automation platform, in the field of computational systems, biology, OMICS, AI, and other SBI platforms: Taxila and Gandhara.

“We would be happy to promote and popularize Garuda and the other SBI software in Central Europe. ICM University of Warsaw is building a strong base of computational expertise and support for the researchers and students, initially focusing on Bioinformatics and Genomics,” said Dr Marek Michalewicz, director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM) at the University of Warsaw.

SBI work revolves around using the best of AI technologies to expand our knowledge on biological systems and its application to healthcare, medicine, global energy and climate issues. Cooperation with ICM will focus on the practical use of such multi-purpose research platforms as Garuda (connectivity and automation), Taxila (text analytics and intelligence) and Gandhara (generic machine learning and broader artificial intelligence).

“It is exciting to see possible synergies both in research as well as educational aspects of the use of Garuda and our other technological platforms. We would like to partner with ICM in intelligence and software applications and to start on the biomedicine and healthcare pillar and then potentially expand to solutions beyond biology. Also, using Garuda as the connectivity layer for HPC, as we had explored it in our collaboration with A*STAR in Singapore, would be very interesting to see,” said Dr Hiroaki Kitano, president of the Systems Biology Institute.

Garuda is a technology framework, which provides connectivity and automation of diverse data, devices and analytics to create novel pipelines, products and solutions in various fields of science and industry in a platform-agnostic manner.