Massive Scalable Cloud Storage for Cloud Native Applications

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In this comprehensive technology white paper, “Massive Scalable Cloud Storage for Cloud Native Applications,”written by Evaluator Group, Inc. on behalf of Red Hat, we delve into OpenShift, a key component of Red Hat’s portfolio of products designed for cloud native applications. It is built on top of Kubernetes, along with numerous other open source components, to deliver a consistent developer and operator platform that can run across a hybrid environment and scale to meet the demands of enterprises. Ceph open source storage technology is utilized by Red Hat to provide a data plane for Red Hat’s OpenShift environment.

Cloud computing has become prevalent across companies of all sizes, and for some companies this is how all new application workloads are being deployed. With cloud computing, new applications have arisen that are designed to run independently of specific infrastructure platforms, using cloud native resources and interfaces. These “cloud native applications” are designed to operate in hybrid cloud environments, without being limited to local file structures of access requirements.

Many of these cloud native applications utilize object storage to deliver persistent data for containerized applications, rather than using file systems or other data access methods. Often, the size and scope of these applications requires the ability to scale into the billions of objects. Access to object data occurs via the S3 protocol regardless of deployment throughout a hybrid cloud environment.

Download this white paper, “Massive Scalable Cloud Storage for Cloud Native Applications” to learn about how the Evaluator Group worked with Red Hat to demonstrate the scale and performance of Red Hat Ceph 4.1, in a “100 Billion Object Challenge.”