NFINIT Launches AO (Active Object) & Object LS (LightSpeed) Storage Solutions with ‘Free-gress’ Payment Model

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SAN DIEGO — December 8, 2020 — NFINIT, a provider of hybrid cloud solutions, connectivity and colocation, announces its new suite of object storage solutions: NFINIT AO (Active Object) and NFINIT Object LS (LightSpeed). The new offerings provide storage at a competitive cost per gigabyte, and introduce NFINIT’s new Free-gress model, which eliminates variable charges for egress (accessing data) and transactions. Out of the full stack providers to offer their own object storage product, NFINIT is one of the few in the country to eliminate additional fees on object storage. With NFINIT AO and Object LS, midsize businesses and enterprises can reduce the cost of storage by more than 40 percent.

“With global data expected to nearly quadruple by 2025 to 175 zettabytes, we’ve found that most companies are struggling to find storage solutions that are both technically and financially scalable,” says Matt Thoene, CEO of NFINIT. “Three-quarters of all data is expected to be deployed on object storage. Investing in our object storage platform was a natural fit for NFINIT, as it allows us to leverage our data center footprint and the carrier-grade scale of our network assets. It extends our capabilities to support clients’ hybrid cloud / multi-cloud strategies with full integration between our Community Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Colocation services.”

NFINIT AO is a low cost, high efficiency, and seamlessly scalable object storage solution for large and growing data sets, including archival storage. NFINIT Object LS offers the same benefits, but with a special application layer that provides super speed access to extremely large files. This enables file sharing, viewing, and collaboration without requiring downloads or syncing. This solution is ideal for video and image files used in certain applications, including medical; architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); safety and surveillance; and media and entertainment.

“For years, our marketing team spent uncountable hours and days downloading large design files, using different digital transfer methods, and manually handing off file shares that would quickly become out of date,” stated Amanda Stuckey, Vice President of Marketing for Chef Works. “We tried multiple solutions that never seemed to meet the demand and speed at which we needed. And it seemed that every new solution we tested increased our cost year-over-year to unreasonable amounts. NFINIT Object LS has changed the way we work, collaborate, organize, and manage our digital files. The best part of NFINIT Object LS is the speed at which it streams a large file. It gives our team instant access, increasing efficiency and improving delivery timelines.”

Object storage is seeing a tremendous increase in adoption because it’s secure, scalable, and low cost. Compared to the commonly used file and block storage systems, object storage also is designed to create immutable data copies – creating a safety net in case of data security breaches, including ransomware attacks.