Nvidia Launches AI, HPC Storefront on AWS Marketplace

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Nvidia has issued a blog announcing the availability of more than 20 NGC software resources for free in AWS Marketplace, targeting deployments in healthcare, conversational AI, HPC, robotics and data science.

The company’s NGC catalogue provides GPU-optimized software for machine/deep learning and high-performance computing, and the new offering on AWS Marketplace is designed “to help enterprises get a running start” on their AI journeys, according to Adel El Hallak, director of product management for NGC at Nvidia, who wrote the blog.

“NGC is a catalog of software that is optimized to run on Nvidia GPU cloud instances, such as the Amazon EC2 P4d instance featuring the record-breaking performance of NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs,” he said. “AWS customers can deploy this software free of charge to accelerate their AI deployments.”

He said Nvidia began providing GPU-optimized software through the NGC catalog in 2017. Since then, he said, more than 250,000 unique users have downloaded more than 1 million of the AI containers, pretrained models, application frameworks, Helm charts and other machine learning resources.

AWS said it’s the first cloud service provider to offer the NGC catalog on their marketplace. “Many organizations look to the cloud first for new deployment, so having NGC software available at the fingertips of data scientists and developers can help enterprises hit the ground running. With NGC, they can easily get started on new AI projects without having to leave the AWS ecosystem.”

The launch of NGC on AWS Marketplace includes:

  • Nvidia AI: A suite of frameworks and tools, including MXNet, TensorFlow, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and PyTorch.
  • Clara Imaging: A domain-optimized application framework that accelerates deep learning training and inference for medical imaging use cases.
  • DeepStream SDK: A multiplatform scalable video analytics framework to deploy on the edge and connect to any cloud.
  • HPC SDK: A suite of compilers, libraries and software tools for high performance computing.
  • Isaac Sim ML Training: A toolkit to help robotics ML engineers use Isaac Sim to generate synthetic images to train an object detection deep neural network.
  • Merlin: An open beta framework for building large-scale deep learning recommender systems.
  • NeMo: An open-source Python toolkit for developing conversation AI models.
  • RAPIDS: A suite of open-source data science software libraries.