QPM Address Medical Life Sciences Challenges

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AI and hpc

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a leading cloud datacenter solution provider with extensive experience and expertise in end-to-end HPC and Deep Learning (DL) solutions for companies in a wide variety of fields such as higher education and research, medical, and manufacturing.

QCT brings out the concept called QCT Platform on Demand (QCT POD), which is a converged framework with a flexible infrastructure for customers running different workloads. Under this concept, QCT develops the QCT POD for Medical (QPM) that is an on-premise rack-level system with common building blocks designed to provide greater flexibility and scalability, aimed to meet different medical workload demands using HPC and DL technologies, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Molecular Dynamics (MD), and Medical Image Recognition.

Information Technology (IT) staff are facing a number of challenges in the medical and related research industries. In general, there are usually limited IT resources to manage a lot of silo systems for different medical workloads and support complex system deployment, management, and monitoring. Not to mention the rapid growth of data volume and data protection requirements further places a strain on IT staff.

The QPM solution addresses the challenges above and accelerate time-to-value for customers as follows.

  • Easy management and rapid deployment: QPM provides a full software stack, various administrative tools and monitoring dashboards for rapid system deployment and easy system management.
  • Best practice converged system for medical workloads: QPM is tailored for medical applications with the best-fit hardware and software combination to meet diverse workload demands including data processing / analytics, high-performance computing, and deep learning within a converged platform. QCT also offers pre-defined and pre-installed software components to fulfill NGS, MD, and medical image recognition workloads.
  • Simplified storage management to minimize overall cost: Since data is ever- increasing in volume and demands high availability nowadays, QPM provides diverse scalable storage building blocks with advanced technologies and hierarchical storage management system to manage hot data and cold data in a cost-effectively manner.

Benefits of QPM

  • For Users: Speeds up productivity with best-fit system design to gain insights faster and deeper
  • For Administrators: Streamlines system monitoring and management with intelligent management tools
  • For Developers: Accelerates development with a comprehensive environment

QCT works closely with Intel® to offer customers industry-leading platforms with Intel® CPUs, Intel® SSD, network fabrics, etc. QPM adopts Intel® Xeon® processor scalable processors, Intel® FPGA and Intel® Optane™ Memory which perfectly fit in HPC/DL workloads to confront medical life sciences challenges and expedite precision medicine.

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