The Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: BioTeam’s Ari Berman Talks HPC-Driven Life Sciences Research

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Both Dr. Ari Berman and the consulting company of which he is CEO, BioTeam, stand at the crossroads of scientific research and HPC. As the company says of itself: “BioTeam is primarily a group of scientists who were forced to learn IT, software development and high performance computing to get their research done.”

Why “forced”? Because as Berman explains in this interview, HPC and other advanced technologies are instrumental to driving the life science research of BioTeam’s clients. His company guides scientific organizations in their use of advanced computing, both on-prem and – increasingly – cloud-based.

Berman himself is an active member of the HPC industry, a popular figure at industry conferences and a committed participant in the Dell Technologies HPC Community, whose value as a gathering place and information exchange he discusses in this video.