VNET Lends Joins I4DI

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Las Vegas, January 26, 2021 – Telecommunications solutions provider VNET has joined the Innovations for Digital Infrastructure (I4DI), a partnership of global technology leaders that are developing European-based supercomputing solutions to advance the region’s capabilities in solving the performance, power and efficiency issues challenging the industry today.

I4DI provides freedom and open-source access similar to Open Compute within the European HPC market. The consortium brings together companies in processors, storage, networking, rack manufacturing, power, software, services and telecommunications spaces to help transform the entire EU region from an importer of data center and supercomputer technologies to an innovative leader in research for worldwide AI and HPC solutions. VNET brings its expertise building and running large-scale data centers to I4DI, helping the consortium build a modern, cost-effective cloud infrastructure in Slovakia to support the latest industry trends throughout the region.

VNET joins a growing roster of I4DI members, including founding companies PosAm, Towercom and Tachyum, and a newer partner Seagate. I4DI, together with MIRRI (Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization) and SAV (Slovak Academy of Science), have established National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) to cover activities related to high performance computing (HPC) and develop a new supercomputer in Slovakia, which would set a new level of performance worldwide.

“We decided to join I4DI as its activities are symbiotic to our core competencies,” said Juraj Luston, Member of the Board and Sales Director of VNET. “It is exciting to be a part of something bigger, disruptively innovative, to partner with other companies with global reach.”

I4DI-designed data centers will serve as a blueprint for future government and commercial cloud initiatives such as InoCloud. Because of its dual use nature – both commercial and for government HPC & AI workloads will benefit, since new I4DI datacenters will be more efficient, enabling hardware utilization rates to improve to more than 90 percent vs. their current 40 percent utilization rates.

“VNET has an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and forward-thinking team and their addition to I4DI further solidifies a brain trust of European-centric companies pushing the edge of current technological capabilities,” said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, founder and CEO of Tachyum. “Being local to Slovakia, VNET is an important partner for Tachyum and the I4DI community as we prepare the software environment for data center operators and bring the benefits of high-performance, low-cost technology to its customers.”