Case Study: How Shearwater Technology Quadrupled its Capabilities with PSSC Labs

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In this case study whitepaper, PSSC Labs, provider of custom, on-premises high performance computing HPC systems designed to meet clients’ unique enterprise computing challenges, shows how an on-premises HPC  cluster can take your business to the next level.

The whitepaper discusses how client firm Shearwater Technology quadrupled its capabilities with the help of PSSC Labs hardware solutions. For Andrew Witzig, the president of Shearwater Technology,  solving impossibly complex multiphysics problems is what  he does best. But he didn’t need a supercomputer to tell him that the  math behind his small engineering firm was no longer adding up.

Andrew was in a tough spot: He was having to pass on jobs because  the modeling and simulations required were just too demanding for his current setup. And when he did take  on that work, he had to enlist a cloud HPC service to get the job done, and that never came cheap. It was  time for an upgrade that could take Shearwater Technology to the next level. But, being an expert in this  field, Andrew knew that he couldn’t do this alone. He needed a partner that would walk with him every step  of the way.

“Thanks to PSSC Labs, we are now operating at a new level. Their PowerWulf HPC Cluster has allowed us to enter into new business areas and has significantly increased our ability to be responsive to our customer’s needs,” said Andrew Witzig, President, Shearwater Technology.

Download this white paper, “How Shearwater Technology Quadrupled its Capabilities with PSSC Labs” to learn about how Shearwater needed a turnkey, high performance computing solution that could hit the ground running on day one. A system powerful enough to meet the rising demand of clients for years to  come. And a partner who could provide ongoing support through the years to come.