Dell Names New HPC Leadership Team

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Dell Technologies has announced its new HPC and AI leadership, a management group  likely to be unfamiliar to many in the HPC community. But this may say something about the evolution of HPC as well as Dell’s vision of HPC’s broadening role across IT.

The leadership group is comprised of Pete Manca, SVP for integrated solutions engineering; Caitlin Gordon, VP of product management, Integrated Solutions; and Ihab Tarazi, SVP CTO Office, Integrated Solutions and Technology Ecosystems.

The three were announced at a Dell Technologies HPC Community online event today and comes in the wake of the departure three weeks ago of Thierry Pellegrino, former VP/GM of HPC, who had been with the company since the late 1990s.

Manca’s previous tenure in HPC was as vice president of software engineering at Hitachi from 1990 to 2000, at which supercomputing came under his purview . He then spent 18 years with cloud company Egenera, where he became chairman, president and CEO. He joined Dell and had SVP/GM roles in the company’s converged and hyperconverged infrastructure business until earlier this month, when he was named to his new role.

Gordon joined Dell in 2005 and has taken on increasingly senior roles, including as VP product marketing for Dell’s storage and data protection portfolio starting last May, before her promotion earlier in February.

Tarazi joined Dell in 2019 as SVP and CTO, Networking and Solutions. Previously he had been CTO at Packet Host and at Equinix, and was VP of engineering and technology at Verizon.

In their comments today, it was explained that Manca is the lead and interface to the HPC community; Gordon is his product management partner; and Tarazi supports them both assessing technologies for integration solutions, spanning HPC, data analytics, AI and other enterprise solutions.

Jay Boisseau, Dell AI and HPC technology strategist, who hosted the HPC Community event, said the new leadership group’s backgrounds reflects Dell’s view of HPC’s broadening role.

“The cross-Dell and cross-industry expertise the new leadership brings will be crucial in ensuring continued adoption of HPC,” Boisseau said, “including data analytics and AI, as part of customers’ overall IT plans and infrastructure and the integration of these workloads across data centers and clouds.”