HPC Buyers Guide

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This ebook, “HPC Buyers Guide: Building a Modern HPC Environment,” from our friends over at Rescale, shows that by adopting a platform solution and retiring the fixed capacity, on-premises infrastructure model, companies can significantly reduce capital expenditures, dramatically increase productivity, and develop next-generation innovative products at a pace that surpasses their competition.

Technology today is evolving at an unprecedented rate. The cloud too has matured and is constantly evolving. What was once seen as a new, exciting, and unproven option when it came to computing has now shown itself to be a mature, highly secure, and extremely flexible solution at a time when organizations across industries are looking for new answers to long-standing IT challenges.

Companies at every level have struggled to manage limited resources and maintain internal hardware and software systems, while meeting the engineering productivity demands.

Maintaining a fixed capacity, on-premises solution is not a viable strategy in an environment where aggressive competitors leverage limitless scale, ease of deployment, and economical systems.

This ebook will highlight how enterprises today who take the leap and migrate to platform-managed, cloud-enabled HPC solutions will benefit from a competitive advantage in productivity and greater ROI of their innovation investments. Flexible, dynamic of cloud-enabled systems offer companies near-instant capability to adjust their IT infrastructure at a rate that fits their users’ needs.