HPC Cost Modeling

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This ebook from our friends over at Rescale, “HPC Cost Modeling: Defining the Modern HPC Experience,” focuses on why the historical methodology for determining cost, price per core hour is at best incapable of providing effective cost optimization for HPC workloads. At worst, it could increase your overall cost of ownership and slow innovation and productivity.

CIO’s are under increasing pressure to create a disciplined, business oriented structure of accountability for the services they provide to their companies. This pressure has lead to a business like management philosophy across most aspects of the IT landscape. However HPC remains one area which has lagged entering the modern era of IT business management.

Assessing the cost of your HPC practice is a necessary and important part of providing support to HPC stakeholders without sacrificing a disciplined approach to business services. However, assessing the cost of HPC presents several difficulties in measurement.

In conclusion, this ebook presents a new model for assessing the cost of an HPC practice that helps align business level objectives to HPC investments. This model replaces cost per core hour with cost per workload to take advantage of an approach Rescale calls Full Stack Economics.