Hybrid Cloud with Bright Cluster Manager

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High-performance computing (HPC) systems that once hosted a consistent set of modeling and simulation applications are now being pressed to take on a new breed of applications in the areas of machine learning (ML) and data analytics, making it necessary for organizations to expand the capacity and capabilities of their HPC systems. Hybrid cloud infrastructures allow organizations to strategically manage their compute requirements from core data center to public cloud and edge, but they are very complex to build and manage. Bright Cluster Manager is enabling the new era of HPC for organizations worldwide by automating the process of building and managing high-performance Linux clusters that automatically extend to the public cloud or VMware vSphere for additional computing capacity.  Check out our hybrid cloud white paper to learn how you can eliminate complexity and enable flexibility in your hybrid cloud strategy.

The inherent complexity of hybrid cloud makes vendor solutions an attractive alternative to building it  yourself, but you must consider the implications of being locked in to a particular vendor’s platform strategy  and the resulting limitations it will impose on your organization’s flexibility.

The platform-agnostic automation capabilities of Bright Cluster Manager allow you to overcome the  complexities of building and managing a hybrid cloud, with complete flexibility to work with your vendor/s  and technologies of choice.


Download this white paper, “Hybrid Cloud with Bright Cluster Manager” to learn about how Bright Cluster Manager—the most-cited commercial system management package among surveyed HPC users—is enabling the new era of HPC for organizations worldwide.