Radio Free HPC: Musk and Computer-Brain Interfaces; Oracle Adds Arm Servers to its HPC Cloud

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We’re playing catch-up with Radio Free HPC. This episode is from the vault — recorded late last year, our friend Dan Olds tells us. Enjoy:

This week Jessi, Henry, and Dan discuss computer-brain interfaces and how Elon Musk’s Neuralink has recently done this with a pig. Surprisingly, we have some concerns about this, primarily security and control. What kind of EULA would this type of brain chip have, for example? When can they flash your firmware and will they need your permission? How are hardware upgrades handled? Will they need to dig into your dome every time there’s some shiny new version of the hardware?  Also, what will be the first application of this technology? Dan speculates about unsavory nation states using it to make super-soldiers. Chilling. It’s a fun conversation that ranges all over the place.

Our next topic is how Oracle is adding a bunch of new hardware to their HPC cloud, including Arm powered servers, Nvidia Ampere GPUs, and a new processor also called Ampere. The new gear is plenty sporty, listen to the pod to hear our discussion and evaluation.

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Catch of the Week:

Jessi:  reports that she’s walking without crutches for the first time in weeks. She suffered from femur stress fractures obtained in her rigorous Marine Officer Candidate summer camp, ouch. We also learn that Henry loved, loved, loved the disco era – and still has the clothes.

Henry:  empty net this week

Dan:  discusses how he’s an idiot and accidently sent a listener prize package to himself due to auto fill in on the FedEx website.