AiDANT Picks Core Scientific for GPU-as-a-Service

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BELLEVUE, Wash., March 25, 2021 – Core Scientific, an infrastructure and software solutions provider for artificial intelligence and blockchain, announced it will provide AiDANT, an AI computer vision technology company, full access to high performance NVIDIA RTX servers in an as-a-service model.

AiDANT leverages deep learning to notify users when a certain condition is met in the field of view of a surveillance camera. Core Scientific’s Plexus software stack is used by AiDANT to reduce the time needed for their AI models to get up and running by 75 percent.

“Many people are skeptical when they consider the use of in-camera AI to recognize situations critical to our customers’ needs. At AiDANT we are strong proponents of using AI for good. As we develop our systems, we can identify numerous behaviors or events in real-time, all while making sure we do not collect personally identifiable information,” said Roger Milford, AiDANT CEO. “Doing so requires us to create our own In-Camera Edge AI models, which can be extremely costly, complex and time consuming. Since we’ve started working with Core Scientific’s as-a-service private cloud model, we’re able to train models more cost efficiently than ever, allowing us to get products out to our customers nearly four times faster.”

AiDANT has a line of visual monitoring products that are easy to set up, configure, maintain, and use including AiDANT Askari, an app and web-based interface. Askari uses the latest AI-based behavior recognition technology to quickly and accurately identify eight behaviors that have been flagged as important: areas of interest, loitering, tailgating, doors ajar, object detection, social distancing, queueing, and occupancy.

Combining leading edge hardware with the rich feature set of the SOC 2 certified Plexus software stack, Core Scientific’s Cloud for Data Scientists supplies access to a co-located AI platform-as-a-service (AI PaaS). Customers that host their data lakes in co-location facilities can take advantage of this roof local service with differentiated hardware, bringing an AI cloud experience to their data.

“AiDANT is using the power of artificial intelligence to transform the behavior recognition industry,” said Ian Ferreira, Core Scientific Chief Product Officer of Artificial Intelligence. “With deterministic performance, the Core Scientific software stack, known as Plexus, will offer all of the advantages of the cloud with the benefits of colocation, allowing AiDANT to explore new and innovative use cases with behavior recognition technology.”

About Core Scientific
Core Scientific equips and enables data scientists to take on the world’s most advanced AI challenges. Through delivery of high-end leading-edge AI hardware infrastructure in a near-cloud environment and delivering best-in-class software tooling to streamline AI workflows, Core Scientific delivers the ease of public cloud with benefits of colocation.

About AiDANT
AiDANT believes that AI should enhance human productivity – making them smarter, more insightful, and more efficient. AiDANT behavior-recognition solutions do this by providing you with critical behavioral insights and alerts, allowing you to optimize your business, your security, your employees, and your customers’ experience. AiDANT is built on behavior-recognition AI that uses true machine-learning rather than pixel recognition. This means you will have more accurate security alerts and the ability to identify and react to behavioral events in real-time.