Atos HPC Software Suites

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This whitepaper, “Atos HPC Software Suites,” from our friends over at Atos explains the main features  and functionalities of the Atos HPC Software Suites and shares the company’s vision for the significant evolutions coming next in the HPC software arena.

High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads have evolved from being “computing-centric” to “data- centric.” The advent of AI and HPC in the cloud introduces new application paradigms and presents new challenges for both the HPC hardware and software layers. Keeping performance as the cornerstone, the  Atos HPC Software Suites take a holistic approach to maximizing infrastructure efficiency, enhancing scalability and flexibility for a reduced carbon footprint. The convergence of AI and new security mechanisms  creates a new level of user experience with reduced TCO.

The software environment is critical to the optimization of HPC resource usage in terms of performance,  power consumption and availability. The openness of HPC infrastructure is generating new use cases such as  HPC, AI and Big Data using different frameworks. At the same time, this openness also comes with its own  set of constraints, such as interactive jobs, multi-steps jobs with different hardware resources, etc. These  operations must be as easy to run as on a standard personal computer.

Download the full “Atos HPC Software Suites” whitepaper HERE.