BIG COMPUTE 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

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Rescale’s role as an intelligent cloud automation platform means the company has a unique vantage point of how R&D-driven organizations are adopting cloud. This inaugural report, “BIG COMPUTE 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report,” includes insights from over 300  organizations, running 680+ applications, on each of the major cloud providers. Additionally, the report  incorporates survey responses and analytics from leading HPC practitioners as well as inputs from supercomputing hardware and software partners.

Rescale has the privilege of partnering with many of the companies driving cloud transformation for high  performance computing (HPC). A decade ago when “cloud” mostly meant mobile apps, social media, and big  data, the company envisioned a world where scientists and engineers are fully empowered to tackle  humanity’s biggest challenges. Today, cloud HPC is a mainstream reality.

A few patterns are clear. First, a cambrian explosion is under way for cloud specialized hardware architectures. Second, multi-cloud is an operational reality for half of organizations. Lastly, R&D technology  leaders are looking to automation to deliver more holistic digital R&D solutions to get the most out of cloud HPC.

Cloud is enabling digital transformation to finally come to R&D, where researchers not only have access to  computing capacity and specialized architectures, but also to workflow automation, data sharing, and  collaboration. Rescale is in service to our scientists and engineers, and they deserve the best we can provide.

Download the full “BIG COMPUTE 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report” report HERE.