CoolIT Systems and AMAX to Deliver Custom Thermal Management for Data Center Products

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CALGARY, AB, March 8, 2021 – CoolIT Systems announced today a collaboration with AMAX to deliver a thermal management solution for scalable, high-density computing products. The companies’ collaboration delivers a custom thermal management solution that reduces operating expenses through better energy efficiency while enabling stable, high-performance operations in a high-density computing environment.

CoolIT Systems, a global leader in scalable direct liquid cooling technology that deploys advanced data center cooling systems worldwide, worked with AMAX to design a solution that combines the features of a rack rear door heat exchanger with a liquid cooling cold plate system designed for use with 2U four-node high-density servers. The design allows data centers to deploy an entire server rack that captures 80 percent of heat and transfers it to an appliance while reducing fan speed by 50 percent.

AMAX provides server appliance manufacturing, rack-level HPC design, engineering and integration services to OEMs. A customer approached the company for a new thermal management solution since modern applications’ high-density computing power demands are outstripping conventional cooling methods. AMAX determined that the customer’s thermal management needs required a custom solution, and after extensive research, the AMAX team selected CoolIT Systems as their technology partner.

“We’re excited about working with an industry leader like CoolIT to develop a custom solution to resolve an OEM thermal management issue that is becoming more urgent as the need for high-density computing capabilities increases,” said Dr. Rene Meyer, VP of Technology at AMAX. “This unique liquid cooling solution delivers a fast return on investment by slashing energy costs and allows data centers to house more than 60 nodes in a single rack, all while enabling remarkable stability and performance.”

Energy costs are a significant concern for data centers, which are already required to invest heavily in power resources as they scale, relocate or push data to the cloud. As applications become more sophisticated and drive higher demand for computing power, thermal management issues will increase, prompting data center operators to look beyond conventional cooling solutions. The partnership between CoolIT and AMAX demonstrates that cooling system innovation can solve the problem.

“The AMAX and CoolIT groups each brought unique perspectives and skillsets to the table for this collaboration,” said Brandon Peterson, VP of Data Center Solutions at CoolIT. “By working together as a team, we were able to develop a custom liquid cooling solution that met the customer need to increase density without compromising performance and significantly reduce expenses. It’s also a solution that aligns with partner product roadmaps. That’s a win for everyone involved.”