cPacket Networks Delivers 100Gbps Packet Capture and Analytics for Network Observability

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SAN JOSE – cPacket Networks, a leading provider of intelligent observability for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud networks, today announced a new addition to its cStor series packet capture appliances in support of the latest data center consolidation, 100Gbps migration, and cyber security requirements. The new cStor 100 appliance raises the bar for the industry by setting the new standard for capturing, storing, and analyzing the network packet data at up to 100Gbps speed with advanced analytics. The cStor family already supports capture at 40, 25, 15, and 10Gbps as well as a virtual/cloud version up to 10Gbps.

“Many of our existing customers are consolidating their data centers as they move a part of their workloads into the cloud. They want to upgrade their data center infrastructure to 100Gbps to meet current and future business requirements. cPacket’s being early to 100Gbps observability helps our customers go through this change uneventfully.” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks.

Network speeds have been steadily increasing (networking analyst firm the Dell’Oro Group predicts that 25 and 100Gbps Ethernet ports will make up 78 percent of the Controller and Adapter market by 2024) driven by high-performance workloads. Digital transformation and remote work due to Covid-19 have only accelerated these trends. The new cStor 100 appliance provides organizations with the deep, comprehensive, and actionable insights they need to align with the industry trends around digital transformation, cloud migration, and remote work.

“While most of the industry is still hovering around or below 40Gbps capture rates, you can find a few products that claim higher performance. What is really lacking is a well-rounded solution that can capture at 100Gbps speed while delivering impactful analytics and supporting simultaneous data search,” said Nadeem Zahid, VP of Product Management at cPacket Networks. “You can fill the storage really fast and accumulate lots of data at 100Gbps. Finding the right packets fast in the case of root-cause analysis or a security breach makes a lot of difference for a business.”

The cStor 100 appliance provides 100Gbps burst with sustained 60Gbps capture-to-disk throughput along with 288TB of on-board storage (extensible up to 2PB) so organizations can capture, store, replay, and analyze high speed network traffic as the ultimate source of truth for troubleshooting issues, security forensics, incident response, and compliance – as packets do not lie.

  • Built for high-performance, low-latency networks, and intensive workloads. The cStor 100 appliance provides flow analytics, TCP stateful analysis, RTP analysis, VPN analysis, market data gap detection, one-way latency, and other value-added analytics at high-speeds for mission-critical environments and network operation centers.
  • Effective incident response through Network Detection and Response. The cStor 100 appliance is an effective security forensics tool for providing before, during, and after packet data in correlation with security incidents. By integrating with industry leading threat detection and mitigation solutions such as Vectra, Corelight, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet, the cStor 100 appliance extends the life, effectiveness, and return-on-investment for the security tools.

 Added security and privacy with Self-Encrypting Drives. Separate versions of the cStor 100 appliance with self-encrypting drives (SED) are available to meet additional security and privacy requirements for the public, government, financial, healthcare, and other sensitive deployments.

All new products are now available from cPacket directly or its channel partners.

About cPacket Networks
cPacket de-risks IT I&O through network-aware service and security assurance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our AIOps-ready Intelligent Observability Platform provides single-pane-of-glass analytics and provides the deep network visibility required for today’s complex IT environments. cPacket enables Fortune 500 organizations around the world to keep their business running. cPacket solutions are fully reliable, tightly integrated, and consistently simple. Our cutting-edge technology enables network, application, and security teams to proactively identify issues before negatively impacting the business. The result: increased service agility, enhanced experience assurance, and faster transactional velocity.