DevGraph CloudFix Designed to Cut AWS Costs

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 Austin,  TX – DevGraph has released CloudFix AWS cost optimization software, built to automatically analyzes AWS accounts and find cost-savings opportunities and automatically deploy fixes at scale.

“As a heavy AWS user ourselves, we were seeking a way to reduce our costs,” said DevGraph CEO Rahul Subramaniam. “We manage more than 40K+ AWS accounts, paying millions of dollars monthly.”

Most companies are overspending on AWS infrastructure. Gartner forecasts that cloud waste will reach $21 billion by the end of the year, with the bulk spent on idle or oversized infrastructure.

“We tried a number of different tools but found one common problem,” Rahul continued. “The tools told us what was wrong with our resource utilization but did nothing to tell us how to remedy the situation. We also had a hard time applying manual fixes consistently and predictably. While we initially developed CloudFix for in-house use, we understood the level of demand for a solution that addresses this waste.”

Identifying resources to optimize without disrupting the rest of the infrastructure is very difficult. CloudFix optimizes AWS activities by providing teams with the insights necessary to optimize their AWS infrastructure and minimize waste. Once the relevant team has viewed the CloudFix dashboard, they can choose which recommendations to implement.

CloudFix is safe, secure, and entirely automated, and offers three core capabilities driven by a customizable closed loop workflow:

  • A vast library of sophisticated finders with a rich data structure. These identify cost savings opportunities within the AWS account(s).
  • Automated fixes – requiring no downtime – optimize your AWS account with a single click, resulting in immediate savings.
  • The entire process is managed from your CloudFix dashboard and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. The dashboard enforces accountability and tracks real savings. It also offers complete audit capabilities for every action performed.

“CloudFix has already demonstrated its ROI for DevGraph,” concluded Rahul. “Today, on every million dollars of annual spend on our accounts, we recapture about $10,000 of annualized savings per week. This translates into an annual 52% cost reduction.”

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source: DevGraph